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Sunday, August 7, 2016

12 of the Strangest Foot Tattoos

12 of the Strangest Foot Tattoos ...  Tattoos are a work of art on most bodies but, THANKFULLY, these can be covered up with shoes!

Mike Marquez loves the Air Jordan V so much he decided to get a permanent AJV on his foot. (Source)
OK - this looks like it would really hurt!  Mario & Luigi. (Source)

 "stomping on Bush".  (Source)

A camel toe, literally! (Source)

Pac-man. (Source)

This Little Piggie! (Source)

 My favorite!  I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes  (Source)

Symmetrical Gas Mask Tattoo. (Source)

This woman will never get lost with the CTA rail system map tattooed on top of her foot. (Source)

Not that's a REAL "foot tattoo"

EEEK - Spiders!

Car tattoo. (Source)