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Popcorn or Kettle Corn in Dutch Oven

At Home or Camping, a GREAT Treat! Hot Kettle Popcorn!

 Skip the Wienies on a stick over the fire while camping. Take your Dutch ovens and have Gourmet meals, Snacks & Desserts while enjoying the outdoors. Kettle corn over an open fire is a great late night snack.

Kettle corn was introduced to the USA in the 1700's. It was referenced in the diaries of Dutch Settlers in Pennsylvania.
It was a special treat at fairs or other festivals. The popcorn is cooked in iron kettles and then sweetened with sugar just before it starts popping and adding salt.

In the early 1900's, kettle corn has made a comeback in America, As of 2000, it is cooked and sold at fairs and flea markets throughout the United States, especially art and craft shows. The microwave version is sold at grocery stores by Orville Redenbacher's, Act II, and other brands.... but homemade is always the best.
Things you'll need:

Medium or large seasoned Dutch oven with lid.
wooden spoon
oven mitts
camp fire (if camping)
1: In your Dutch oven (or pot when using a stove)... add vegetable or canola oil to cover the bottom & add popcorn.

2: Put oven on hot red coals (not flames) Or heat on stove on med high... & let it heat up until 2 or 3 kernels pop open.

3: Immediately add 1/4 cup sugar & with both hands covered with oven mitts... use one hand to stir with a wooden spoon & hold the cover with the other hand.

4: When it starts popping, sort of cover the pot with just enough opening to stir constantly. When it is popping in the kettle & not popping out, take off lid & keep stirring until it's done popping.

5: Dump into bowl, toss with a little salt & enjoy!!!

Tips & Warnings
perfect opportunity to get to know your neighboring campers! They will smell this all over the campground.
Be careful while eating, unpopped kernels stick in the popped popcorn