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Camping & Fishing

Fishing & camping is a great recreational activity and families have enjoyed the outdoors for centuries.  Take the kids "out of the city" for a weekend & create memories other than that new video game you just bought them.

Whether you hike in the mountains and sleep in a tent or take a 5th wheel RV to a lake ...  the kids will always remember those times.

I grew up camping in Minnesota.  We had a small camper and my brother & I stayed in a tent.  Many of our family friends would go as well.
Every weekend during the summer as well as when my Dad would have a few weeks vacation, we would spend the summers at HooDoo Point in Tower on Lake Vermilion.  Fishing, swimming, building wood rafts from trees (they always fell apart) ... camp fires with roasting wieners or marshmallows.  Catching fire Flies or crawdads at night.  

Now as a parent - I have taken my daughters camping in Colorado. Every summer we spent weekends and vacations camping by the lake.  My daughters are both grown now but I see they are taking their "city friends" out camping & showing them how to pitch tents - start a camp fire & enjoy the stars at night. 

So get the kids out & let them play with their imagination- collect rocks - catch some frogs - poke dead fish with a stick & just be KIDS!

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