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Canning & Preserving with a Pressure Cooker

Don’t be intimidated by the word pressure cooker, the new electric pressure cookers are super safe and easy to use.

I started pressure cooking and canning about 25 years ago.  I learned from my mother and my grandma.  

As we "put up" (a term for preserving your food by canning) vegetables from the garden, picked
berries, fruit from trees or meat from something my grandpa brought home from a hunt or fishing - it was always a family affair.  The women would spend the day together - laughing, telling stories and canning that day's bounty.

Moving to the city - my mom, sister & I began to purchase in season produce from farmer's markets and meat on sale (Turkey at Thanksgiving time, Corned Beef in March) & continuing the tradition of canning. 

pressure cooking

We only used Stovetop Pressure Canners & there was never anything I was afraid of.  Just paying attention & we never worried about "explosions" or any problems.

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