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Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun Postcards are a great way to stay in touch

Stay in touch the "old fashioned" way

Fun post cards are a great way to stay in touch with friends & family. Everyone still likes to get a special card in the mail. My daughter LOVES getting a postcard from me when I am out of town. They make her feel special.

So take a look at some of these adorable cards for any occasion & they are sure to make your friend or family smile & remember your thoughtfulness.

Postcards ...

Not just to send but they depict history as well.

Postcards are cheap to send & don’t take long to write. A quick “Thank you” – “I Love You” or “Thinking of you” is always appreciated. Cheaper stamps & no envelope required.
The United States introduced postcards in 1873… 3 years after European countries. 2 years later in 1875, delegates of 22 different countries met in Switzerland & agreed to adopt a universal postage rate so that everyone could send a postcard to other countries & all postage was at the same rate.

Postcards became a way to send friends and family a small picture of their trip to lands abroad.
They also became a way for researchers to discover events that happened in history. Photos of the aftermath of great floods & other natural disasters were common on postcards in early 1900′s.

To see the real history of postcards, you can visit the Smithsonian Library or Cooper-Hewitt National Design Library. There you can find over 10,000 postcards in their collections. Dating from the turn of the century to present, you can find a lot of history from small little cards.



While Traveling...

pick up unique cards to send out.

Going to a unique place? Landmarks, restaurant, museum, zoo…. be sure to pick up postcards to remember your trip. Always keep a book of stamps in your purse or wallet. When you get back to your hotel – write a quick note to family & pop it in the hotel mail. Let them know you are thinking about them.

Great for scrapbooking as well. Your memories can be saved forever & enjoy the trip all over again as you look through your scrapbook. I still look at the postcards I have in my scrapbook from a trip I took with my grandparents coast to coast. That was over 40 years ago & I still remember that summer trip as I look at those old postcards I collected.

Send Postcards for Special Occasions

Valentines Day or "I Love you" Postcards for the ones you love!

Lady bug Valentine Post Card
Monkey love post card
Ladybug love post card

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