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Make Eco bags out of T-shirts

Eco Grocery bags time your clerk at your grocery store asks if you prefer "paper or plastic" ,give an eco-friendly answer by saying, "neither."
Plastic bags end up as garbage that messes up the landscape, and kill thousands of marine mammals every year because they mistake the floating bags for food. Plastic bags that get buried in landfills may take up to 1,000 years to break down, and in the process they separate into smaller and smaller toxic particles that contaminate soil and water. Also, the production of plastic bags uses millions of gallons of oil that could be used for fuel and heating.

Eco Green bags are made from many different materials. Canvas, cotton, any material. You can also use ond Tshirts or make "Plether" out of old plastic grocery bags. Crochet with it & make durable - washable grocery bags. You can also buy eco bags with your company name on them to give to customers!

Make your own Green bags from....

Old T-Shirts!

 You can make great Green Bags from old T-shirts or T-shirts you buy from a thrift store. You will need a t-shirt, scissors and a sewing maching. HOWEVER sewing is just 1 straight stitch across the bottom
Turn any T-shirt inside out and sew the bottom of T-shirt closed. turn the shirt right side and lay flat, making sure all seams are lined up together..

Next Place a paper plate size circle (bowl or cut cardboard) about half-way over the neck hole and use a marker to trace along the edge. Cut along the outline, Make sure to cut both layers because you want a bigger hole that the original neck hole.

Now line up the sleeves and cut on the seam.Cut off both sleeves. Sleeveless t’s work great since you don’t have to cut them off & they are nice & hemmed.

Ta-Da- you now can save a favorite T-shirt… just re-purposed as a green bag.